Las Vegas Steak

Out of all the dining establishments in Las Vegas, the most popular among tourist and residents is the steakhouses. Any restaurateur on or off the strip will tell you that the most requested meals in sin city include a hearty helping of steak and potatoes. After a long day of shopping, bar hopping, or indulging in casino play many people will find themselves hungry and in need of immediate sustenance, and nothing satisfies hunger better than a big old cut of prime beef.

Trying to find a great piece of Las Vegas steak is like searching for a needle in a haystack. While the city that never sleeps is brimming with restaurant options attempting to sort through them could prove to be a long and daunting task. Thankfully this comprehensive guide features the best Las Vegas steakhouses, so convenience and ambiance are the only choices you'll have to make.

1. Craftsteak

Take your pallet on a flavorful journey by dining at Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak. Located within the MGM Grand hotel, this restaurant embodies all the classical features of a traditional steakhouse with some modern touches. Wooden furnishings and rich tones of bronze and brown create a rustic and sultry vibe perfect for dining in. Utilizing only the finest and freshest ingredients the menu transforms traditional menu items and turns them into culinary masterpieces. Whether you're ordering a T-bone steak or a dry aged porterhouse guests can expect the best in Las Vegas steak and service when visiting Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak.

2. Prime Steakhouse
They say that ambiance creates the mood and at this fine dining restaurant ambiance is key. Designer Michael DeSantis has implemented soft lighting, a vivid color scheme, and elegant furnishings throughout this Las Vegas steak joint to make guests feel as if they are not just patrons but royalty. Besides the amazing décor, Prime Steakhouse also makes one great cut of beef as Chef Jean-Georges utilizes seasonal ingredients and spices to bring out the natural flavors within signature dishes like Filet Mignon and the porterhouse.

3. Old Homestead Steakhouse
Enter a steak lovers paradise as the Old Homestead Steakhouse has one of the largest selections of beef available in Nevada. Their thick cut steaks are aggressively seasoned and aged for 30 days to ensure quality and consistency. While their steak preparation is something to admired the delectable menu is where the Old Homestead Steakhouse really shines. Patrons visiting this steak house in Las Vegas can choose from a wide array of beefy dishes including the Gotham rib steak, or a filet mignon made in apple wood smoked bacon hashed brown potato cake.

4. Stripsteak
Experience the signature design and flare of Stripsteak. By combining geometric decor with contemporary accents, Stripsteak embodies a lively hipster ambiance that is welcoming and vibrant. Their menu features three kinds of beef including American Kobe, A5 Japanese Kobe, and Certified Angus. Chef Michael Mina then slowly poaches the meats to enhance their flavor making signature dishes like the Angus rib eye one of the best in sin city. For some authentic Las Vegas steak visit the one and only Stripsteak.

5. SW Steakhouse
At SW Steakhouse grade-A beef reigns supreme and quality meat is never a concern. Only two restaurants in the United States can offer their guests certified authentic Kobe beef, and the SW Steakhouse is one of them. Their exclusive menu features unique and innovative dishes like the aged Tomahawk chops or the Chile rubbed double rib eye. While meat is the main attraction in this Las Vegas steak joint, the second has to be Wynn's indoor lake and waterfall that is visible while dining.

6. Top Of Binion's
Top Of Binion's makes every dining experience a special one. Located in the bustling downtown casino district, Top Of Binion's Steakshouse sits on one of the most prominent pieces of pavement in Las Vegas known as Fremont street. Fremont street is the second most famous boulevard in Nevada after the Las Vegas strip. This exclusive Fremont street eatery stands 24 stories tall and utilizes dynamic views to draw in customers. Mood lightening and vintage Vegas décor adds to the serene atmosphere making guests feel invigorated and alive. Their menu deserves just as much praise as it features Creekstone farms Black Angus beef and 21 ounce Porterhouse steaks.

7. Carnevino
The Carnevino isn't your average steakhouse in Las Vegas but a beacon for fine dining and elegance. With towering ceilings, antique furniture, and Italian marble this eatery utilizes lavish accents to create a posh and ritzy environment. The menu is just as extravagant as the décor and includes exclusive items that are only available at Carnevino like the 240 day dry-aged Riserva porterhouse or the classic Florentine porterhouse.

8. Cut by Wolfgang Puck
Patrons will never look at a steak house in Las Vegas the same way again as one visit to Cut will revolutionize the way people enjoy their meat. The modern décor and contemporary flare incorporated into Wolfgang Pucks restaurant fills the dining area with energy and makes one feel as if they had just gained access into an exclusive nightclub. If steak is your weakness then, you will go mad for their American and Japanese Wagyu beef or their bone in filet mignon. Visit this exclusive steak house in Las Vegas today to discover the best in beef and service.

9. Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse
While the reality star chef Gordon Ramsey may seem unhinged on television his steak house in Las Vegas is anything but. Contemporary meets fiery as the décor featured in this eatery is designed to awaken the senses. Once patrons receive their meals at Gordon Ramsey Steak it is clear who is the real bell of the ball, the steak. Aged to perfection chef Ramsey only includes prime cuts of beef in his menu. Guests can choose between signature dishes like the porterhouse or the Wagyu.

10. Delmonico Steakhouse

Finding a great steak house in Las Vegas isn't hard just visit the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino where Delmonico Steakhouse serves up some of the best beef around sin city. Bright golden brown hues illuminate the dining area breathing light into the room, while vaulted ceilings and an open lounge area create a serene and airy feel. All of their beef like the bone in rib eye are creole seasoned, hand-cut, and charbroiled then served with some butter. The Delmonico Steakhouse is certainly one of the steak houses in Las Vegas that you will not regret walking into.

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